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No One Left Behind

No One Left Behind is the approach to changing employability in Scotland, to deliver a model of support that is more tailored and responsive to the needs of people of all ages who want help and support on their journey towards and into work, particularly people with health conditions, disabled people, minority ethnic communities and others who are disadvantaged.

Through No One Left Behind, people can gain skills, confidence, and support with their employment and training goals. Support is flexible and tailored to the individual's needs, wants and aspirations and is provided on a person-to-person basis by an employability key worker.

This support is delivered through a large network of Glasgow based organisations, known as the Local Employability Partnership (LEP), to ensure peoples' needs are supported. This can include links to other key services including health, housing provision, justice services, and financial inclusion.

Click here for further information on Scottish Government's No One Left Behind National Strategy.

Glasgow's Local Employability Partnership Board

Glasgow's Local Employability Partnership Board provides direction and support to address the challenges people and families face through unemployment, being in low paid work or living in jobless households, resulting in them experiencing poverty and financial hardship.  It is known that many people experience additional problems that prevent them from entering the workplace or further education and training. 

This is aligned with the Glasgow's Economic Strategy (2022-30), which focuses on the inclusive growth agenda and seeks to ensure there are opportunities for all citizens of Glasgow and that they have accessible pathways into skills and fair work; a priority that has never been more important. 

The LEP Board consists of key partners from the Council, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Skills Development Scotland (SDS), Glasgow Chamber of Commerce (Developing the Young Workforce), Glasgow Kelvin College, Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector (GCVS), Glasgow Regional Colleges Board, Glasgow Social Enterprise Network (GSEN), HSCP / NHSGG&C, Glasgow University,  Strathclyde University, Glasgow Community Justice, Council of Ethnic Minority Voluntary Sector Organisations (CEMVO), Glasgow Life and the Scottish Government (Advisory).

Glasgow LEP Board Vision

To achieve an inclusive, sustainable economy where wellbeing and mitigating poverty are central, and employability is pivotal in delivering social and economic equality.

Aims of the Glasgow LEP Board

  • To oversee the strategic development and governance of employability and skills in Glasgow
  • To ensure employability and skills provision is designed and delivered around the needs and aspirations of people, services, and employers in Glasgow.
  • To align funding to ensure the integration of services and sustainment of a diverse range of provision.

Glasgow LEP Board Priorities

  • Addressing child poverty
  • Inclusion of under-represented groups in the labour market
  • Reducing unemployment
  • Enhancing school leaver destinations
  • Increasing qualification levels
  • Building digital skills
  • Addressing underemployment
  • Joining up services    


Support to Develop Skills and Find Employment


I'd like support

I'd like info on


Website / Contact Information

Still in School (S3 -S6)




Left School

(Aged 16 - 20 years)

Personalised career planning & support


Vocational Industry training (including taster sessions), skills and qualifications


CV & interview preparation


College & university applications and support once there


Jobs searches, Modern Apprenticeship & applications; Work placements and Experience


Applying for Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA), Young Scot Card (National entitlement Card for free bus travel), Bank account


Volunteering Opportunities

Towards Better Futures

DYW School Co-ordinator Advisor



Awards and Destinations Programme 


On Route Post School Employability Service


Next Steps Post School Vocational Programmes 


Onto College Transition to College 


Onto University Transition to University  



Alternatively, for any of the above 

if still at school speak to your school DYW Co-Ordinator advisor, or 

left school, speak to your Skills development Scotland Careers Advisor, or complete and submit the 'Contact us' form:


Telephone: 0141 287 8266

Young People including Care Leavers

(Aged 16-25)





All of the Above


Industry Skills, Training and Qualifications (E.g. Construction Skills Certification Scheme Cards)



Glasgow Guarantee


Target Group:All age, unemployed and referred as work ready

Organisation -Glasgow City Council




Telephone: 0141 287 7282 


Website: Glasgow Guarantee



Target Group:young care leavers (Aged 16-25) 

Organisation:Glasgow City Council - Social Work Services




Telephone: 0141 302 2800 

Training for Work Programme - Sport and Leisure


Target Group:

(Aged 16-24)

Organisation:Glasgow Life


Telephone: 0141 287 7025  



Website:Training for Work Programme - Sport and Leisure


Working Together for Glasgow (TFW)




Target Group:(Aged 16-24)


Organisation:Jobs and Business Glasgow



Telephone: 0300 123 2898


Website: Working Together for Glasgow (TFW) - Jobs and Business Glasgow


All Ages



Multiple Barriers, Disability and /or

long-term health conditions and Minority Ethnic)


All of the above


Personal Development


Develop Skills for Work


Steps into and settle into employment


Digital Skills (Beginners through to professional qualifications)






All in Glasgow


Target Group:

All, including multiple barriers, disability, and health conditions

Organisation -ENABLE Scotland




Telephone: 0141 483 1550 


Website: Enable - All in Glasgow 


Glasgow Code Learning






Organisation - Glasgow Life





Digital- 07584 601 490
Developer - 07775 005 447
Pro - 07768 325 640


Website: Glasgow Code Learning 


Glasgow Guarantee




Target Group:All age, unemployed or underemployed and referred as work ready

Organisation -Glasgow City Council



Telephone:0141 287 7282 

 Website:Glasgow Guarantee

Glasgow Supported Employment Service


Target Group:Multiple barriers, all age with a learning disability and/or autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Organisation: Glasgow City Council, Social Work




Telephone: 0141 287 6713


Website: Glasgow Supported Employment Service


Paid Work Placements






Target Group - All Ages, Multiple barriers

Lead Organisation: Glasgow Council for Voluntary Sector (GCVS)

Delivery Partners: Chamber of Commerce, Council of Ethnic Minority Voluntary Sector Organisations (CEMVO) ENABLE, and Move On




Website: GCVS - Paid Work Placements

Work Life Glasgow (WLG)




Target Group:Multiple barriers, all age with mild to moderate support needs

OrganisationJobs and Business Glasgow






Freephone: 0300 123 2898
Text: 07393 753 298


Website:Work Life Glasgow - Jobs and Business Glasgow



Support for Parents including Kinship Carers

Work Placement 


Work Experience 


Childcare Support 


Employment including part-time


Financial Support


Mental and Physical Health Support


Upskilling/ gaining Qualifications 


Preparing for Interview


Enhance Numeracy Skills






Early Years Qualifications



All in Glasgow - Progress for Parents 




Target Group:Unemployed Disabled Parents

Lead Organisation: Enable

Delivery Partners: Wheatley Group; Families in Trauma and Recovery; One Parent Families Scotland and Parent Network Scotland


Telephone: 0141 483 1550 


Website: Enable - All in Glasgow 

Family Finance Key Workers




Target Group:

Parents, kinship carers of children under 16yrs

Organisation:Glasgow Life








Telephone: 07443 814 190 / 07443 814 677 




Website:Glasgow Life - Family Finance Key Workers 

Financial Inclusion Advice for Parents





Target Group:Parents

Lead Organisation:Money Matters

Delivery Partner:Greater Easterhouse Money Advice Project




Telephone: 0141 445 5221 


Website: Money Matters 

One Parent Families Scotland - Employability Services   





Target Group:Multiple barriers, Single parents

Lead Organisation: One Parent Families Scotland

Delivery Partners: SAMH, Stepping Stones for Families, Volunteer Glasgow and Glasgow Helps





Telephone:0141 847 0444 


Website: One Parent Families Scotland - Employability Services 


Whole Families Approach to Employment 


Target Group: whose child/family member is in Primary 5 and above and lives within the Eastbank and St Mungo's Academy learning community - this area spans from Carlton, Barrowfields, Dalmarnock to Shettleston and Greenfields.  


Lead Organisation: Clyde Gateway

Delivery Partners: FARE Scotland












Telephone: 0141 276 1574 / 07888261841 


Website: Whole Families Approach to Employment - FARE Scotland - Clyde Gateway 


Young Parent's Support Base (YPSB)


Target Group:Young Parents still attending school


Please contact your school for further information.



People from Minority Ethnic Groups or Refugees or Asylum Seekers

(Age 16+)

ESOL Classes 


CV development 


Work placement


Advice and Guidance service


Triage and needs analyses


Barrier removal


Life skills support


Skills recognition and profiling


Employer engagement including in work support


Financial Support

(GEMS) Glasgow Ethnic Minority Support 










Target Group:Migrants, women, and disabled people from a minority ethnic background, Multiple barriers, or English as a second language

Lead Organisation:The Bridges Programme

Delivery Partners:Amina, Community Renewal Trust, Cranhill Development Trust, Govanhill Community Development and Glasgow Clyde College





Telephone: 0141 558 9749



Website:The Bridges Programme

People with experience of Addiction, Homelessness and Criminal Justice System (Age 16+)

Employability support for people in recovery from addictions


Support with Housing, Benefits and Mental Health


Tailored support


One-to-one Counselling


Personal Development


Access to training, education, volunteering, work experience and employment

Choiceworks Programme


Target Group:Multiple barriers, age 16+ with a history of offending

Organisation: Glasgow City Council




Telephone: 0141 276 7690 


Website:Choiceworks Programme

Employability for Young People


Target Group: Working mostly with 16-24-year-olds with a Drug & Alcohol Addiction engaged in HSCP services


Organisations:HSCP (Health and Social Care Partnership)/ Glasgow Council for Alcohol (GCA)


Telephone: 0141 353 1800



WebsiteGlasgow Council on Alcohol


Way Ahead


Target Group: Multiple barriers including homelessness, addiction of offending background age 16-67




Organisation: Wheatley Group


Website:  Way Ahead - Wheatley Group



Other Help and Support - Employment, Training, Skills, and Job Opportunities

This network of support organisations updates their websites regularly on skills, jobs, and volunteering opportunities, including:


Employability Service Re-Design - CCI

The Council's Centre for Civic Innovation has concluded the first part of the service design process with employability providers, participants, and employers on how services can join up to improve the outcomes for our service participants. Over the past year, using Scottish Approach to Service Design methods, the CCI has carried out extensive research in the form of surveys, interviews and workshops involving a cross section of services and participants including people with disabilities, neurodiversity, asylum seekers, those involved in the criminal justice system, as well as the LEP Board and GCC's Employability team.  

This has culminated in 37 recommendations put forward by those involved which have been filtered into 14 opportunities to improve joined up working across the Partnership and grouped into five themes falling under two higher categories of 'Working Together' and 'Building Knowledge'.

Steps are underway to prioritise these recommendations and opportunities. CCI will continue to support in the design and development of solutions using a similar co design process, again involving participants, service providers and employers.

The Executive Summary can be viewed here (PDF) [5MB] .

Working Together for a Fairer Glasgow Quality Standard

The Working Together for a Fairer Glasgow Quality Standard's (WTFGQS) commitments and indicators were co-produced by participants with lived experience of using employability services in Glasgow, ensuring that they are grounded in real-world experiences and perspectives. The WTFGQS will be awarded to organisations that are able to provide evidence that they are adhering to the six commitments and associated indicators, which illustrate that they are providing a high quality, person-centred service.

The Quality Standard seeks to address the diverse needs and challenges faced by individuals seeking employment. This approach recognises that one size does not fit all when it comes to employability support and that tailored assistance is essential for fostering meaningful and sustainable employment outcomes.

The WTFGQS award will play a crucial role for citizens in Glasgow in promoting inclusivity, fairness, and equality within employability services, ultimately contributing to the socioeconomic well-being of the community.

More information regarding WTFGQS will be coming soon.

Please contact for any further enquires.

Should you require any further information on employability, please email

Glasgow's Local Employability Partnership are excited to host their first event on Tuesday 18th June 2024 - Shaping Employability Together - Please click here for the agenda and further information.



Last modified on 07 June 2024

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