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Participation Requests

What is a Participation Request?

Under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, communities in Glasgow and across Scotland can now  participate in certain decisions and processes made and carried out by public bodies, including councils.

Participation Requests are intended to create the opportunity for people and groups to play a greater and more direct role in improving outcomes in their community.

This page will help you learn more about the Community Empowerment Act and how Participation Requests can be made.

Further Information

Participation Requests is an aspect of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015. Information on this Act can be found at the following link.

Specific guidance on Participation Requests can be found at the following link.

Who can make a request?

Participation Requests can be made by a 'community participation body'. This may be a:

  • Community group (with or without a constitution)
  • Community Council

Before you make a request you should check if there is an existing way in which your group can be involved in improving outcomes to your community.

If you are not sure of the existing consultation or decision-making processes you can get involved in, you can email us at or fill in the and we will help you find the right process for you.

Making a Participation Request

If you think your community body might want to make a Participation Request to the council, the first thing you should do is get in touch. We can give you advice on the request process.

You may find this checklist helpful on how you can support local improvements and outcomes:

  • You are an eligible group (community participation body)
  • You have an idea or opportunity that you want to explore
  • You want to be involved and contribute
  • You have knowledge, skills, experience that help in the decision-making process
  • You have a clear idea on the outcomes you want to improve
  • You know which public service authority you need to speak to
  • You have not had the opportunity to participate through another process or, you've concluded the process already in place and still feel your idea could be a Participation Request

You can get in touch either by email at or by completing the provided.

Advice and assistance before you make a full application

Before you consider completing the full application for a participation request you may consider the contacting Glasgow City Council for advice and assistance to determine if you are eligible and if there are other opportunities for you to participate.  

For advice and assistance before making an application please email along with your contact details.

This pre-assessment process does not prevent you from making a full application, if you so wish.

A copy of the application form is attached at the side of this page.

What is a 'public service authority'?

'public service authority' is an organisation to which Participation Requests can be made. When you are thinking of how you want to participate, also think about the different agencies that should be involved in the process.

For example you may want to improve the health of young people by renovating a local green space. To do this you will need to involve the local authority, perhaps the health board etc.

Here is a list of the organisations that are public authorities:

  • Local authority/council
  • Health Board
  • Board of Management of a college of further education
  • A national park authority
  • Police Scotland
  • Scottish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Scottish Fire & Rescue Service
  • Scottish Natural Heritage
  • Regional transport partnerships


How long does it take?

The pre-assessment stage should take up to 10 working days. Once completed you will be informed if you are eligible to make a full application or if there are other avenues by which you could participation before using the Participation Request process.

A full Participation Request goes through three stages:

1.     Assessment: When we get a request we check if:

  • your group qualify as a community participation body
  • there is any information missing from your application
  • the request is similar to one already processed
  • are there other processes you can participate in to achieve the outcome
  • you have identified any public services authority required to support in the delivery of the outcome or improvement you want

What if your group is not eligible? You will be given advice on any other approaches or processes you can use.

2.     Processing your request

Once your request has been assessed it will be passed to the appropriate service. An officer from the service will get in touch with you to discuss your request and work with you to explore the best approach to take.

If other public service authorities have been identified, the officer will get in touch with them and ask if they can contribute to this process.

We will let you know within 30 working days if the outcome you have requested can be delivered. The deadline increases to 45 working days if there are other public service authorities involved.

3.     Request is approved

If your request is approved the Council and the other public service authorities have a further 90 working days in which to identify the correct process to take forward the improvement you have requested.

If there is no established process available, the Council will provide you with a proposal on how it will help to deliver the improvement or outcome. Your group will have 28 days to consider the proposal and make written recommendations if you wish.

Once the plan is approved, having considered all the outcomes, it will be published and the service will begin delivering the agreed plan.


Received Participation Requests

List of Participation Requests:

Applicant Name: Pollokshields Community Council

To work collaboratively with Glasgow City Council to address environmental incivility (litter/bulk uplifts) in the ward and the impact this has on the health and wellbeing of residents.  Supporting community with regard to recycling and moving towards zero waste also mentioned.


Applicant Name: Drumoyne Community Council

To be involved in the decision making on a parking scheme for the G51 area of Glasgow and any associated road issues - with a view to achieving a scheme based on the G51 alternative to the GCC's Linthouse & Shieldhall TRO - and in line with the aspirations of our community.


Applicant Name: Jordanhill Community Council

To be involved in community planning structure specific to Victoria Park and Open Spaces.


Applicant Name: Woodlands and Park Community Council

Request to be involved in the outcome of the consultation process 'Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 Consultation on future policy development for the Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation' launched by Glasgow City Council in February 2018, beyond submission of consultation response.


Applicant Name: Mount Florida Community Council

The Community Council believes it has constructively influenced and supported the gradual improvement that residents have observed. However, it believes it has only limited potential to support further improvement without forming closer and more collaborative relationships with relevant Council departments and bodies such as the Multi Agency Group for Hampden events.


Applicant Name: Craigton Community Council

Craigton Community Council submitted a participation request to participate in the decision making process surrounding events in Bellahouston Park.


Applicant Name: Castlemilk Community Council and the Castlemilk Community & Business Association

Castlemilk Community Council and the Castlemilk Community & Business Association is seeking permission to participate in the discussions with regard to the development of the Castlemilk Town Centre which includes 'The Braes' Shopping Centre to ensure it reflects the aspirations of residents, local communities and businesses in Castlemilk and adjoining areas such as Simshill, Croftfoot, Kingspark and Carnunnock.


Applicant Name: Whiteinch Community Council

Whiteinch Community Council wish to improve the Whiteinch Library service by developing it into a local community hub, which includes the statutory library service plus co located services within the current building. This will maximise the building use and secure the long term sustainability of the building and provide services which the community has identified through community engagement.


Applicant Name: Victoria Park Community Trust

Victoria Park Community Trust (VPCT) wish to support the Council and help improve the park. VPCT was set up to create a representative group which will work together as strategic and equal partners to create a long term development plan with the aims of strengthening the relationship between local stakeholders and GCC as a new collaborative community of interest.


Applicant Name: North West Glasgow Voluntary Sector Network

Participation Request: An increase in the effective involvement and empowerment of the community sector in any decisions about increased community control of assets.



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