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Glasgow City Council

BME Network Proposals


The Network is currently undertaking 25 proposals which were developed with the BME collective voice in mind. These proposals are also lead by BME officers from the network's Steering Group which you should join here!

For any enquiries about the proposals email

Active Proposals

  • BME Workforce Survey/Questionnaire (Nazim Hamid, Hamada Alosh)
  • BME Network Website (Manju Marwaha, Nuzhat Uthmani, Ishtiaq Khan, Hamada Alosh, Jimmy Cheng)
  • Enhancing Gold Courses (Ishtiaq Khan, Kash Tank, Julia Toch)

Priority Proposals

  • Equality & Competency Recruitment (Nazim Hamid)
  • Identifying Inequality Through Data Analysis (Nazim Hamid)
  • Equality in Recruitment (Ali Salamati & Nazim Hamid)
  • Equality Mentoring (Nazim Hamid)
  • When Things Go Wrong (Nazim Hamid)
  • Secondment to BME Network (Nazim Hamid)

Other Proposals

  • Critical Friend Network - (Nazim Hamid)
  • Alumni Resource (Nazim Hamid, Ishtiaq Khan, Munir Chodhry)
  • Exit Interviews (Nazim Hamid, Ishtiaq Khan Munir Chodhry)
  • BME Champions (Nazim Hamid)
  • Celebrating Diversity  (Nazim Hamid)
  • ALEOs & Promoting Equality (Nazim Hamid & Kash Tank)
  • Equality & Diversity Innovation Awards (Nazim Hamid
  • Equality Representation & Union Partnerships (Nazim Hamid)
  • Increasing BME Network Membership (Nazim Hamid)
  • GCC Statement Against Racism and Hate Crime (Nazim Hamid)
  • Covid Support to BME Staff  (Nazim Hamid)
  • Elimination of Violence Against Women (Nazim Hamid)
  • BME Mental Health Support (Nazim Hamid)
  • Recruitment, Development and Performance Management (Nazim Hamid & Laura McNaught)
  • Competent Recruitment and Assessment (Nazim Hamid & Laura McNaught)
  • Supporting Faith Needs (Nazim Hamid)
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