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Glasgow City Council is delivering an Active Travel Strategy to supersede the existing Strategic Plan for Cycling 2016-2025 and designed to achieve significant modal shift across the city to walking, wheeling and cycling.

The strategy is a recognition of the positive impact that transport, and active travel in particular, can make towards city's wider policy objectives on Climate and the Environment, Health and Wellbeing, Inclusion and Equality and Wealth and Inclusive Growth.

The strategy is framed by three policy and action areas:

  • Connectivity: people and place: rebalancing our streets and spaces - with a focus on networks and infrastructure in our street environments.
  • Unlocking Change: enabling everyone to walk, wheel or cycle - focussing on training and education and working collaboratively.
  • Thinking Differently: encouraging, motivating and sustaining change - focussing on communication and promotion and inspiring people through larger events and other activities.

Active Travel Strategy 

The draft Active Travel Strategy and the Liveable Neighbourhoods Plan are both part of a suite of transport related plans and documents which will create a modern, resilient and sustainable transport system for Glasgow, to help transform the city into a more inclusive, liveable and attractive place for residents, businesses and visitors.

The suite of transport related documents will include:

  • Glasgow Transport Strategy 2022
  • Active Travel Strategy 2022
  • Liveable Neighbourhoods Plan 2022
  • City Centre Transformation Plan 2022

Please Note:

  • If you require any of the documents to be supplied in another format, such as large font, or Braille, please contact us by Email.

City Network

A key output from the strategy will be the City Network, which will provide an accessible, safe, coherent and direct active travel network across Glasgow. To be delivered by 2030, the City Network will connect key amenities and drivers of travel such as education, business, retail and culture.

There will also be development of the Neighbourhood Network with a focus on walking and wheeling. This Neighbourhood Network will enable easy everyday active journeys within and between neighbourhoods.

City Network and Neighbourhood Network will be co-created as part of the Glasgow's Liveable Neighbourhoods programme at a multi-neighbourhood level.

The proposed City Network map can be viewed and commented on here.  When you're able to view the map simply drop a pin on the Glasgow City Network and share your experience of that route or street, or comment on what would improve this network. Comments about walking and wheeling - as well as cycling - on the City Network, are welcomed.


The Active Travel Strategy is open for Public Consultation. This will be posted up on the council's Consultation Hub from Tuesday, 12th October to Monday, 22nd November 2021.

We welcome your feedback on the draft Strategy, and the proposed City Network, to help us shape and refine them.

If you wish to take part, please complete our Online Survey with your feedback and comments. 

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