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The Council adopted Glasgow's Active Travel Strategy 2022-2031 at the City Administration Committee on 24th February 2022.

As part of a step change to how we move around Glasgow, the Active Travel Strategy (ATS) aims to achieve significant modal shift across the city to walking, wheeling and cycling and to deliver on its vision that:

      "walking, wheeling and cycling will be the first and natural
  choice for everyday journeys, for people of all ages and ability, to
  travel   locally to schools, to shops, to work, or to the city centre."


The ATS further defines how active travel contributes to the transport needs of the city, while helping deliver on carbon neutrality and social equity.

The strategy supports the City's ambitious commitments by 2030 to:

The strategy is framed by three policy and action areas:

  • Connectivity: people and place: rebalancing our streets and spaces - with a focus on networks and infrastructure in our street environments.
  • Unlocking Change: enabling everyone to walk, wheel or cycle - focussing on training and education and working collaboratively.
  • Thinking Differently: encouraging, motivating and sustaining change - focussing on communication and promotion and inspiring people through larger events and other activities.

City Network

A key activity strand of the strategy is the development of the City Network, which will provide an accessible, safe, coherent and direct active travel network across Glasgow. To be delivered by 2030, the City Network will connect key amenities and drivers of travel such as education, business, retail and culture.

The Connectivity, People and Place: Interim Delivery Plan for the City Network sets out how the City Network will be designed and rapidly delivered over a 10 year period.

The development of the more informal Neighbourhood Network will focus on improvements for walking and wheeling to enable easy everyday active journeys within neighbourhoods, and to make easy connections to the City Network and public transport networks.

The City Network and Neighbourhood Network will be co-created as part of the Glasgow's Liveable Neighbourhoods programme at a multi-neighbourhood level.

Glasgow's Transport Strategies 

The Active Travel Strategy and the Liveable Neighbourhoods Plan are both part of a suite of transport related plans and documents which will:

  • Create a modern, resilient and sustainable transport system for Glasgow.
  • Help transform the city into a more inclusive, liveable and attractive place for residents, businesses and visitors.

The suite of transport related documents includes:

Next Steps

We are currently developing a Sustainable Travel Behaviour Change Strategy, for publication in September 2022.

This will further support and detail actions within the Unlocking Change theme of the ATS, also incorporating an overarching communications and messaging framework applicable the full suite of Glasgow's Transport Strategies.

A Sport and Recreational Cycling Strategy, to succeed the Strategic Plan for Cycling 2016-2025, will also be published later in 2022.

This will seek to ensure our active travel networks link people to leisure spaces and routes, and our sporting and community venues, as well as building on the already extensive range of community cycling activity already taking place across Glasgow, and building in consideration of active everyday journeys within this delivery.

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