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Poverty Leadership Panel

Glasgow has committed itself to a major action plan to tackle poverty in the city.

What is it?

The city established a Poverty Leadership Panel (PLP) in May 2013 to make poverty a thing of the past.

The PLP consists of people with direct experience of poverty, our Community Activist Panel (CAP), as well as representatives from organisations like the Wheatley Group, Health and Social Care, Glasgow Disability Alliance, Poverty Alliance, Department for Work and Pensions and the Federation of Small Business. 

 PLP Partners (Word doc) [12KB]

What is the vision?

The panel members have agreed a vision for Glasgow:

The panel's vision is that poverty is made a thing of the past. We want all of us across Glasgow to contribute to significantly reducing poverty and exclusion over the next decade, by acting now.

We want Glasgow to be a place where everyone agrees that poverty is an outrage, and where every person feels that they can be a part of Glasgow.

What is the action plan?

The panel developed the People Make Glasgow Fairer Strategy in 2016, a strategy for tackling poverty. In 2018 the PLP decided to focus on 4 key priority areas:

The PLP has also developed a couple of progress reports:


Local Child Poverty Action Report

The Child Poverty (Scotland) Act 2017 sets out four high-level targets to tackle child poverty by 2030. In order to demonstrate the work being undertaken across the Council and Health Board to meet these targets, the Council is required to produce a Local Child Poverty Action Report (LCPAR), describing the measures taken and how they contribute toward meeting the child poverty targets.

The Act also introduces a requirement for local authorities and each relevant health board to jointly prepare a Local Child Poverty Action Report (LCPAR) and publish this report on or before the end of June each year.    

View the current 2020/2021 LCPAR. (PDF) [2MB]

PLP Meeting Notes, Updates and Newsletters



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Last modified on 27 November 2023

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