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Census and Demographic Data

Information on demographic and socio-economic and other data trends.

Dangerous and Derelict Buildings

Advice and guidance on how to contact our service during office and out of hours to report Dangerous and Derelict Buildings.

Dead Animal Uplift

Report a dead animal on a public road or pavement.

Diet and Nutrition

Advice and guidance on diet and nutrition.

Digital Glasgow Strategy

Information about Digital Glasgow Strategy setting out the digital economy and transforming our public services through the use of digital technology.

Discarded Needle

Report a discarded needle in a public place.

District Regeneration Frameworks

Information on the 9 City Centre District Regeneration Frameworks.

Documentation and Plan Searches

Information on how to obtain documentation and plan searches for Planning and Building Warrant applications.

Dressing the City

Information about the Glasgow City Council's Street Banner Programme.

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