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City Centre Strategy 2024 - 2030

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As a continuation of the first City Centre Strategy, Getting Ahead of Change 2014-19, and the interim City Centre Recovery Plan 2022-24, the City Centre Strategy (CCS) 2024-30 is a non-statutory planning document focusing on the delivery of a range of actions supporting a more sustainable and greener city centre with more jobs, better transport options, and with a wider range of living opportunities.

The CCS 2024-30 sets out how the Council and its partners will work together over the course of this decade to meet the city centre's challenges, harness its successes, and strive towards a better city centre for all.


The CCS 2024-30 sets out the basis for a shared narrative for Glasgow's city centre. It is based around three pillars which will enrich the inherited features of the city centre and shape a new cycle of shared opportunity.  The pillars and associated "Big Moves" are:

  • Magnetic Experience - River, Business Economy, Connected & Green Places, Culture and Heritage
  • Front Door to Innovation - Innovation & Digital, Property, Well Being Economy
  • Place to Live - City Centre Living, Net Zero

The CCS 2024-30 brings together the "Big Moves" and forms a plan of plans style approach that will transform Glasgow's city centre in the short to medium term and creates a unified vision supported by the transformative actions to be delivered by 2030.

The CCS 2024-30 maps the main objectives from many other strategy, policies and evidence-based reports from across the council family focussing on regeneration and strives to support several of the grand challenges set out in the Glasgow Strategic Plan 2022-2027.

Priority Actions

The vision of the city centre will be delivered by the following priority actions:

Magnetic Experience

Front Door to Innovation

A Place to Live

Avenues Programme
Complete Delivery
Innovation and Digital
Support Innovation Districts and Digital Strategy
Greening the Districts
Landscape Action Plan
George Square
Redevelopment Completion January 2028
Wellbeing Economy
Embed local benefits across the city centre
Infrastructure Plans
Support infrastructure first approach 
DRFs programme
Priority Actions
Development Team
Focus on blighted sites
Local Community Projects
Locally identified priorities and small-scale interventions
River Corridor
Custom House Quay/River Park
Repurposing Action Plan
Priority Actions
City Centre Living
Increase Opportunities 
Visitor Marketing, Tourism and Events
Tourism, Events, Conventions
Net Zero Route-map
Culture and Heritage
Develop cultural/creative assets
Retail Capacity Study
Respond to recommendations
Evening & Night-Time Economy
Post pandemic SWOT analysis
People Friendly City Centre
Rebalancing Space Allocation

The Action Plan will deliver the priority recommendations either directly or through coordinated action with colleagues and other stakeholders.  Each action may contain a number of subprojects which will aid the delivery of the "Big Moves".

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or would like further information on the City Centre Strategy 2024-2030, please email the City Centre Strategy Team.

Last modified on 30 May 2024

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