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What happens if my rates bill is not paid?

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If you are having difficulty paying your non-domestic rates bill it is essential that you contact us as soon as possible to discuss your options.  You can do this using our online form.


Non Domestic Rates is payable over 10 monthly instalments from May to February the following year. The Council issues a notice at the start of the financial year advising the total amount payable and monthly instalments.

Changes to Rates Recovery from 1 April 2021

Following a change to rating legislation the Council is now able to initiate recovery proceedings at an earlier stage for rates due after 1 April 2021.  This means that a reminder notice may be issued to you in respect of missed instalments earlier in the year than a Final Notice was previously issued.


If you do not make payments as requested in your Non Domestic Rates notice, we will send you a reminder.  The reminder will request that you bring your missed instalments up to date within 7 days otherwise the full bill becomes due 14 days thereafter.  If you wish to discuss payments or want to make a repayment arrangement, please contact the Council through our contact form.

Summary Warrant

If payment is not made within the terms of the reminder, the Council will make an application for a summary warrant to the Sheriff Court.  If the summary warrant is granted, 10% statutory addition will be added to the balance.  The application of a summary warrant is made without any further notification to you.

Debt Management Partners

Once a summary warrant is granted, the Council will pass the account to our Debt Management Partner, Scott & Co who will contact you to collect the outstanding balance.  It is important that you contact them, and not the Council, as soon as possible to discuss your account.  If payment is not made, Scott and Company may take enforcement action such as a bank arrestment or attachment of goods which will result in additional fees being payable by you.

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Last modified on 12 October 2023

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