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Over 1800 items in Glasgow have been listed by Historic Environment Scotland as being Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest.

The City of Glasgow includes a huge range of building types, engineering structures and smaller items like statues, monuments, police telephone boxes and letter boxes which are listed. One listed item such as a tenement block may comprise numerous addresses, so it is estimated that several thousand properties are covered by the listings.


Listed items are graded according to their merits:

  • Category A covers buildings which are outstanding examples of a particular period, style or building type and account for 15% of all Listed Buildings in Glasgow.
  • Category B (70%) takes in those which are major examples of a particular period, style or building type, and
  • Category C (15%) contains buildings which are representative examples of a period, style or building type

The interiors and exteriors of all Listed Buildings are statutorily protected and are covered by Listed Building controls. They may not be demolished or altered without prior Listed Building Consent. Planning Permission may also be required for external alterations to Listed Buildings.

Buildings are frequently added to or removed from the List and descriptions and addresses are amended as changes to buildings occur through regeneration and restoration projects.

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Last modified on 27 March 2023

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