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General Event Requirements

Building Control

Building Standards and Public Safety has considerable input into major events, at both indoor and outdoor venues, particularly in relation to crowd capacity, means of escape, raised structures, crowd control barriers and general safety matters. Contact with the Service is encouraged to discuss relevant issues at the earliest possible time.

Environmental Health

Environmental Health are one of the key agencies involved in promoting safe events in the city. We focus on maintaining and improving standards for public health, public safety and the environment.

If you are planning an event you will need to consider a number of different factors such as;

  • Health and Safety
  • Food Hygiene/Food Standards
  • Welfare
  • Noise
  • Waste Management

As an organiser you have responsibilities for your workers, volunteers and contractors as well as those attending your event and there are key documents you need to produce, including an Event Management Plan and an Event Risk Assessment.

Even if your event does not require a licence you should still use the Environmental Health conditions as a benchmark to assist you in delivering a safe event.

 Visit Environmental Health for more information.

Event Management Plan

An Event Management plan covers all of the safety and organisational aspects of the event - the larger the event and / or the more risk attached to the activities dictates how detailed this plan has to be. There are many free templates available online.

First Aid

First Aid / Medical plan there maybe a requirement to have first aiders even at smaller scale events.


Funfairs are required to apply for permission to use the park or open space and they are also obliged to apply for a Temporary Public Entertainment Licence(TPEL).


Where will contractors, suppliers, exhibitors, workers and members of the public park any vehicles? This has to be managed / controlled to ensure no congestion in adjacent neighbourhoods or damage, especially in park locations.


How are any electrical items being powered?  PA's / stages / lights / snack vans etc. all require power. We require to check and be certain that a proper, safe supply is being used, preferably installed by our own Technical Staff.

If not, the installer has to be qualified to British Standard BS 7671 Requirements for Electrical Installations. IET Wiring Regulations (18th Edition). A temporary Installation certificate should be produced and copies will be required for any licence application. Any and all equipment to be powered must be PAT tested and these test certificates should also be produced, preferably prior to the event date.

For further advice and to discuss requirements for power please contact our Events Team on 0141 276 0923.

Programme of Activities

Provide information on the programme of activities - what's actually going on / going to happen?

Resident/Community Information

Required as per conditions of let to notify details of road closures, noise etc that will impact on residents and the community.

Public Liability Insurance

The organiser should obtain this and make available a copy at the time of application.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment(s) are required for any and all activities. There are many templates available. A Risk Assessment can be defined as, "a systematic process of evaluating the potential risks that may be involved in a projected activity or undertaking".

Information on risk assessments can be found on the HSE website.

Site Plan

A detailed, accurate site plan should be produced (preferably to scale) and submitted at the time of permission application. This is also a requirement for any licence application also.

Stewards / Security

To ensure the smooth running and overall safety a stewarding plan should be submitted.

Toilet Provision

A requirement for any event whereby you expect people to attend for a period of time, this should also include toilets for disabled people.

Guidance is available from the Purple Guide on how many and what type of toilets are needed.

Waste Management

A plan has to be produced for large scale and even small scale activities to ensure the park or location is cleaned after the activity and any refuse is removed and disposed of appropriately. Otherwise, clean-up costs will fall on the Council.

Water Supplies

Water deemed "potable" i.e. fit for human consumption albeit drinking or to be used in bars or kitchens has to be sampled, tested and certified.

For further advice and to discuss requirements for water please contact our Events Team on 0141 276 0923.

Last modified on 09 April 2024

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