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Physical Education, Activity and School Sports


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The Physical Education, Physical Activity and School Sport (PEPASS) team (formed by Education Services) comprises of:

  • Physical Education Lead Officers (3)
  • Active Schools Coordinators (30)
  • Dance and Activities Development Officer (1)
  • School Leadership/Competition Project Officers (2)
  • Glasgow Primary Swim Team (7) and 
  • an administrative support team.

Key Priorities

The Glasgow PEPASS Team is committed to the key priorities of:

  • 2014 Legacy Sport
  • Glasgow Improvement Challenge
  • Physical Education and School Sport
  • Participation
  • Coach Education and Leadership
  • Club Coaching and Volunteering
  • Events and Competition


Glasgow Improvement Challenge

PEPASS contributes to Strand 2 of Glasgow's Improvement Challenge (GIC) 2015-2020: Improving children's health and wellbeing through nurturing approaches and increased participation in physical activity and sport.

Three PE officers, are engaged in delivering the physical literacy programme to children and staff. The aim of the physical literacy programme is to develop children's core skills (Attention, Balance, and Coordination) and support and build the confidence of staff in order to connect the children's learning and develop skills for learning life and work.

  • The key outcomes from the programme are:
  • Children have increased levels of physical activity;
  • Children develop confidence and self-esteem;
  • Children develop physical literacy and improved fundamental movement skills; and
  • Awareness of play as a means to improved physical literacy is increased.­

Early data indicates that there has been an increase in distinct participants (Individual children) participating in out of school hours (OOSH) activity across the cohort schools.

Softer measures have indicated increase in pupil attendance, improved pupil behaviour, pupils more engaged during play/lunch times, increased pupil confidence to attend OOSH.

Glasgow figures have increased from 49% distinct participants to 53%

National figures have increased from 43% distinct participants to 45%

Active Play: Partnerships

Play for Attainment is being delivered through a partnership with Inspiring Scotland and local third sector groups (PEEK/Jeely Piece/FARE), along with the University of Strathclyde and Agile as part of the Glasgow Improvement Challenge.

Committed to deliver to all Glasgow primary schools over three years, the Active Play programme is a unique partnership model that has made an excellent start and has been very well received by teachers and pupils alike.

P3/4 Active Play participants

  • 100% improvement in fundamental movement skills
  • 100% improved fitness/stamina levels
  • 98% trying new skills
  • 93% improving existing skills
  • 90% more confident/motivated
  • 90% improved relationships with other children/making new friends


P5/6 Play Champs

  • 98% improved confidence
  • 98% understand what a good/bad PC is
  • 90% are leading games solo
  • 83% delivering play sessions in PE, playground, other AP times or outside school
  • 78% motivated and keen to lead

Early evaluations also indicate increased parental/child involvement in physical activities.



Physical Education and School Sport Highlights

The City has 10 secondary schools where there is a focus on achievement through sport and 3 Elite performance schools:

Modified timetable:

  • In these schools, young people are selected at primary stages and have a modified curriculum
  • This allows them to spend more time on their chosen sport
  • Coaching is provided through links with sporting governing body and the local clubs.
Elite Performance SchoolsSchool Name

Schools of Football (3)

  • St. Mungo's Academy, Govan High School, John Paul (Girls S1)

School of Sport (1)

  • St Andrews Secondary

Schools of Basketball (1)

  • Hillhead High School

Schools of Rugby (5)

  • St. Andrew's Sec, Smithycroft Secondary
  • Shawlands Academy, St. Thomas Aquinas Sec, Knightswood Sec,

Schools of Dance

  • Bannerman High School,

Performance Schools

  • Dance
  • Football
  • Sport


  • Knightswood SOD
  • Holyrood Football Performance School (SFA)
  • Bellahouston GSOS (Elite Athletes 5 Sports) (Athletics, Badminton, Gymnastics, Hockey, Swimming)


Active Schools

Glasgow Education Services PEPASS Team has a team of Active Schools Co-ordinators (ASC's) who work with Primary, Secondary and ASL establishments across the city.

The team work to provide more and higher quality opportunities for children and young people to participate in sport and physical activity before school, during lunchtime and after school.

The team also manages and provides access to world class and local events and competitive opportunities for pupils across the city.

A key area of focus to developing school sport is through the leadership programmes for pupils and building capacity through the recruitment, retention and development of a network of deliverers and volunteers.

Collaboration and partnership working is critical to the success of Active Schools. Co-ordinators work closely with parents, school staff and pupils to provide opportunities that reflect young people's interests and connect to physical education and local community opportunities. Beyond the school environment Active Schools coordinators work with a range of partners including local sports clubs, sports development officers, community sport hubs, colleges and universities to provide pathways to support young people to stay involved and progress in sport.

In doing so Active Schools contributes to the health and being agenda, development of vocational skills and widening achievement of the young people in the city.

Sport Scotland - School Awards

Sport Scotland offer school sport awards at Gold, Silver and Bronze level. Find out more here

Sportscotland: School Sports Awards:

More Glasgow Schools continue to achieve Sportscotland Gold, School sports awards, demonstrating the commitment of Schools to use Physical Education, Physical Activity and School Sport as a key driver for improvement, innovative and inspiring opportunities, is demonstrated through their drive to excel.

2018/2019 Gold Award

  • Aultmore Park Pri, Caledonia Pri (2), Haghill Park, Merrylee Pri, Pollokshields Pri, Royston Pri, St Francis of Assisi (Baillieston)
  • Eastbank Acad (2), Hyndland Sec, St Thomas Aquinas (2)


2018/2019 Silver Award

  • Secondary: Holyrood Secondary, King's Park Secondary, Notre Dame High
  • Primary:Aultmore Park Primary, Haghill Park Primary, Miller Primary, Mount Vernon Primary, Pollokshields Primary, Royston Primary, St Maria Goretti Primary 


2018/2019 Bronze Award

  • Primary: Blackfriars Primary School, Our Lady of the Annunciation.


2017/2018 (SPOTY Awards)

  • Shawlands Acad (2), St Mungos (2), John Paul Acad, Whitehill,
  • St Rose of Lima Primary (2), St Brigid Primary, St Benedict's Primary,
  • Oakgrove Primary, Caledonia Primary, St Thomas Aquinas



Participation: Key Highlights: Out of School Hours (OOSH) Participation

The main aim of Active Schools is to work in partnership to provide more and higher quality opportunities for pupils to take part in sport and physical activity before school, during lunchtime and after school.

Active Schools also develops effective pathways between schools and sports clubs in the local community.

Glasgow figures for individual children and young people attending out of school hour activity has increased from 49% distinct participants to 53% National figures have increased from 43% distinct participants to 45%.


Youth Leadership

Leadership programmes are developed throughout primary and secondary school, engaging children and young people to influence and lead on school sport delivery.

There is a pathway of opportunity for pupils to gain new skills in the key areas of leadership:

  • Young people as deliverers/coaches
  • Young people as technical officials
  • Young people as event and competition organisers
  • Young people as decision makers
  • Young people as ambassadors

Leadership opportunities create a legacy to support future participation and improve employability skills.

The target group of senior pupils engaged as young ambassadors/ sports leaders/ dance leaders within their schools, makes an outstanding contribution to the planning and delivery of many PEPASS projects and programmes.

Leadership Programmes: Education
YearSchool LevelActivity
P6/7Primary LeadershipBuddies/Activators
S1/2 Secondary Leadership   Playmakers/Young Leader Award
S3-6Secondary Leadership   Sport Level 1/2/3
S3-6Secondary Leadership   Dance Level 1/2/3
S3-6Secondary Young Ambassadorssportscotland


Glasgow Swim Team

The Glasgow Swim School team are a swim team of 8 PE teachers, working with pupils in P5, P6 and P7 to develop health and wellbeing through swimming.

We understand the importance of swimming for all pupils; one of our PE teachers specifically providing support for pupils with additional support needs.

The program involves an invaluable experience for pupils, developing:-

  • water confidence- developing confidence and self esteem
  • water safety- developing the understanding that swimming is a life-long skill
  • stroke technique- developing motor skills, coordination and fluency
  • physical fitness- developing stamina, core stability and strength

We provide an in-depth Physical Education CfE swimming assessment sharing pupils' progress with schools and parents.

As part of the swimming programme pupils are given the opportunity to enjoy the experience of competing at our annual swimming festival at Tollcross International Swimming Centre. It is always well attended and swimmers that have gained success at national level are invited along to support the pupils.

In addition to using Glasgow Secondary School pools, we also work with our partners in Glasgow life, using the swimming pools across the city to teach the swimming lessons. Glasgow life also provides future swimming development for pupils, giving them the opportunity to continue with swimming out of school at Glasgow life swimming clubs.



Glasgow is leading the way in terms of what we do in education to encourage children and young people to lead healthy lifestyles. Dance is a major element of the physical activity available to Glasgow schools and is delivered through a number of programmes including Determined to Dance and Active Schools.

Determined to Dance is delivered by a team of highly qualified dance coaches. Throughout the programme, the coaches and pupils work together to learn about dance techniques, music and coordination, motivation and self-esteem. The children and young people create their own routines which they then perform to a range of audiences.

Determined to Dance: (Target Group P1-3)

Dance allows children to showcase and perform. A real stepping stone that displays our pupils' development, commitment and confidence to perform on the school, city and national stage.

We have used dance to transform girls' participation in physical education/activity - with over 220 sessions of dance delivered each week and more than 10,000 boys and girls dancing throughout the year.

City of Dance Showcase

2017/2018, 18 local and city wide dance events were delivered with the finale held in the Royal Concert Hall. These opportunities allow parents and family to engage in celebrating their children's achievements. The final performances have sell out shows with over 1600 parents and family members attending.


Outdoor Education

Blairvadach Outdoor Education Centre is Glasgow's main outdoor education provision.

PEPASS Modern Apprentice Programme

In 2019/20 the PEPASS Team appointed 10 Modern Apprentices. The apprenticeship is a two year programme were the 10 MA's will complete an SVQ Level 2 in Sports Coaching while gaining practical experience within the PEPASS Team.

Each MA has been paired with an Active Schools Co-ordinator who mentors the MA on a daily basis; delivering in their cluster schools during curricular time supporting Leadership programmes and Out of School Hours delivery; breakfast, lunchtime and afterschool physical activity and sport clubs.  

They are also tasked with organising their own PEPASS projects as well as  organising and assisting in the delivery of area and city wide PEPASS events, such as the Glasgow Schools' Gymfest, Triathalon, Super 7 Athletics and City of Dance Finals.  The Modern Apprentices contribute greatly to the Health and Wellbeing of pupils across the city.

The programme is supported in partnership with Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Guarantee and Sportscotland.

What is a PEPASS Leadership Modern Apprenticeship?

A two year paid Modern Apprenticeship that:

  • Provides opportunities for young people engaged in sports leadership skills who are not in higher education, taking up employment or in training
  • Provides young people with the learning, qualifications and vocational training required by employers
  • Inspires young people to engage in sports leadership roles
  • Enables young people to reach their full potential


What will a Modern Apprentice achieve?           

MA will achieve a Modern Apprenticeship Qualification in Active Leisure, Learning and Wellbeing, working specifically towards an SVQ Level 2 in Sports Coaching. As well as training and qualifications from Sport National Governing Bodies and Partner Agencies.

Key Responsibilities of a PEPASS Modern Apprentice

To support and assist the delivery of PEPASS Programmes in our establishments.

Develop skills in advanced leadership including coaching, officiating, organising events, decision making and being an Ambassador for sport within our schools.

Key areas of focus:

  • Leadership
  • Participation of pupils

Support pupils to grow their leadership skills in the school setting through sport and assist in building a pathway of leadership for our schools.

To do this MA's work alongside the Active Schools Team to:

  • Enhance the delivery of the Glasgow Schools Sports Leaders programme, linking directly with Active Schools Coordinators and associated schools.
  • Work with Active Schools, PE departments and pupils to establish a leadership plan.
  • Assist with Secondary school departments leading on Sports Leadership targeting S1-3
  • Assist with Primary schools leading on Sports Leadership targeting P6/7
  • Assist in establishing an Integrated Young Persons Leadership group (City PEPASS voice)
  • Support Active Schools to enhance the training and support for young sports leaders in the city
  • Assist in the coordination of Sports leaders/Young Ambassador to influence and lead on school sport delivery and events
  • Support leadership opportunities to create a legacy to support future participation and improve employability skills
  • Support and enhance the participation of pupils; breakfast, lunch time and after school clubs
  • Assist in targeting the inactive in PEPASS programmes
  • Support and organise PEPASS events
  • Monitor and evaluate the PEPASS programmes and use this information to inform planning and programming
  • Represent PEPASS as appropriate at meetings, conferences and other appropriate events




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Last modified on 21 June 2024

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