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Guidance for Public Charitable Collection

Please read these notes before completing the application for Permission to Hold a Public Charitable Collection.

  1. Complete Question 1 or Question 2 but not both.
  2. Question  1 is to be completed if the collection is to benefit a charitable cause (for example - to go towards buying a specific piece of medical equipment for a specific hospital), but not a charitable organisation.  Written confirmation must be produced from the beneficiary authorising the applicant to organise a public charitable collection on their behalf.
  3. Question 2 is to be completed if the collection is to benefit a charitable organisation (for example - Guide Dogs for the Blind Association) but not a charitable cause. 

    These must be submitted with the application:-
    • a copy of the Trust Deed or other document constituting the charitable organisation;
    • a copy of the charitable organisation's most recent statement of accounts; and
    • a note of the date upon which the charitable organisation's accounting reference period ends in each calendar year. 
      Please note that failure to provide these documents will result in the application not being considered.
  4. The application must be lodged not later than eight weeks before the first day on which the collection is to be held.
  5. A copy of the Public Charitable Collections (Scotland) Regulations 1984 is enclosed.


Last modified on 29 September 2023

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