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The Local Place Plan Development Fund

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Support for Delivery of Local Place Plans

The Place Fund (TPF) is a Scottish Government capital fund for local authorities to allocate, working collaboratively with local communities, businesses and the third sector, to develop projects that support shared local plans and aspirations under a variety of themes. The Place Fund funding will support a number of programmes in Glasgow including the delivery of Local Place Plans (LPPs). 

LPPs, introduced by the Scottish Government as part of recent changes to planning legislation, give the right to local communities to prepare spatial plans for their neighbourhoods, which in turn will inform the development of the new City Development Plan for Glasgow. These plans should focus on the use of land, buildings, including the identification and promotion of relevant physical improvements to support delivery of the LPP aspirations. The LPP can also consider how planning policies could be adapted to reflect local circumstances in your neighbourhood.


The Council has developed guidance which provides further information on LPPs and how to prepare your plan. You can access this guidance and an enquiry form here.

The key rationale behind this fund is as follows:

  • The City Council recognises that we need to develop plans to supports the Council's vision for Glasgow as a fair and sustainable city where everyone gets to contribute and all can benefit from a flourishing Glasgow. In this regard, it is recognised that we need to work proactively with local communities to develop long-term, sustainable and deliverable spatial plans, with a clear focus on the quality of place at the heart of that. The introduction of LPPs help to embed that as a key strand of our approach to planning, regeneration and place making by giving local communities the right to develop plans for their neighbourhoods.  
  • In order that communities can develop LPPs, it is recognised that some degree of financial support may be required to support their delivery. The Local Place Plan Development Fund is an open call for applications to support communities to prepare LPPs. The maximum amount per award shall be £15,000 with a total budget of £80,000 allocated to this grant programme.


Type of Support Available

What does the grant cover?

The Local Place Plan Development Fund is an open call for applications to support local community bodies to deliver a LPP for their local neighbourhood, which in turn will be used to inform the development of the next City Development Plan.  

Funding can only be applied for to cover costs incurred directly linked to preparation of a LPP.  Eligible costs can be up to 100% depending on circumstance and can cover:

  • Professional fees and related costs - such as appointing relevant professional consultants to support the delivery of the LPP. This could include, for example, Planning and/or other place making professionals, facilitation support for community engagement.  
  • Costs incurred for associated community and stakeholder engagement events directly linked to the development of a LPP. This could include venue hire, catering and purchase or production of materials required to support delivery of such events. 

All bids will be subject to scrutiny under relevant legislation including Subsidy Control.

What does the grant not cover?

The grant will not cover the costs of the administration by the organisation applying. 

  • Alignment with other relevant Council priorities. 


Who can Apply?

Any community body who has confirmed with the Council that they intend to prepare a LPP is eligible to apply. The applicant must meet the legislative requirements of a community body as defined in the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.

This could include Community Councils, Development Trusts or other local organisations that meet the relevant criteria as set out in the Act.

Eligibility Criteria

Projects will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Does the application for funds relate directly to the production of a LPP for the area in which the applicant operates? 
  • Does the requested funding support the widest possible involvement of the local community and other local stakeholders, including local elected members?

Critically, grants are required to be committed before the end of March 2024, with contracts in place by that date in the case of the appointment of consultants.  The projects which the Council considers best meet these criteria may be awarded grant funding at a level which the Council shall determine.

Applicants should note that it is a condition of award of grant funding that both the grant agreement with the Council and all relevant contracts for works must be entered into before the end of March 2024.

Deliverability is critical - applicants should be in a position to procure and appoint in time to meet the March 2024 appointment deadline. Subsequent work should be completed within the financial year 2024-25.

In the event that the fund is oversubscribed, due consideration will be given to: 

  • Reduced awards relative to the amount applied for  
  • Value for Money
  • The ability to demonstrate extent of consultation proposed maximises community engagement
  • Areas of need based on relevant SIMD indicators,
  • Alignment with other relevant Council priorities.


How can I Apply?

If you are interested in applying for a grant, please fill out the Application Form and Email Us by 12 noon,  Monday 22 January 2024. If you would like more information, please contact us on the same email address.

It is the intention that successful applicants will be notified before February 2024. In applying for grant you need to consider whether Subsidy Control rules apply. Grant will not be awarded if compliance with Subsidy Control cannot be demonstrated.

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Last modified on 15 April 2024

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