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'Don't Be a Bus Blocker' campaign launched to support bus travel


The council has launched a campaign to support bus travel by discouraging parking at bus stops and in bus lanes.

The 'Don't be a Bus Blocker' initiative draws drivers' attention to the impacts of these parking behaviours, in particular the inconvenience it causes to passengers and how it can result in services running late.

Funded by Paths for All through the Smarter Choices, Smarter Places programme - the campaign ties in with Glasgow's Transport Strategy which has a substantial focus on supporting more people to travel by public transport. Through this strategy and other related council policies, the initiative aims to make everyday bus journeys more attractive, encouraging fewer car journeys.  

The 'Don't be a Bus Blocker' campaign also responds to concerns raised by bus operators through the Glasgow City Region Bus Partnership, as this type of parking behaviour can affect service reliability.

Parking at bus stops impacts passengers getting on and off the bus, particularly those who rely on the bus drawing parallel with the pavement, such as wheelchair users and the elderly. Parking in bus lanes also inconveniences passengers by increasing journey time which can cause the bus to run late. Parking at bus stops and in bus lanes also increases the risk of road traffic collisions in general.

The behaviour change campaign will run through March and April 2024 and will feature advertising across a range of platforms including radio and on bus rears to attract the attention of drivers.  The campaign will also be enhanced by social media messaging and digital billboard advertising.

Guidance and Legislation

Highway Code Rule 243 says that no vehicle should stop or park at or near a bus stop. And, in accordance with the Road Traffic Act 1988, it is an offence to stop or park in a clearway marked BUS STOP.  These restrictions apply even if you are only stopping momentarily.

Bus lanes are regulated by The Bus Lane Contraventions (Charges, Adjudication and Enforcement) (Scotland) Regulations 2011.

How to report a parking problem

To report a parking problem, click on this link for further information.

Last modified on 15 March 2024

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