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Taxi Exemption Extension Application

Apply for a LEZ Taxi Exemption Extension

General enforcement of Glasgow's LEZ began on 1 June 2023.

The council introduced a time-limited exemption for eligible operators of non-compliant taxis which ensured that operators were given an extra year to prepare for LEZ enforcement. We also made operators aware of the grant funding assistance available to help achieve compliance.

This time-limited exemption expired on 31 May 2024.

The council remains determined to help operators transition to LEZ compliance and will extend the exemption period upon application, should certain conditions be met and evidenced.

To extend a previously granted time-limited exemption beyond 31 May 2024, the council will consider applications from taxi operators in the following circumstances:

1. An operator is in receipt of a grant from the Energy Saving Trust for the purposes of retrofitting their vehicle to LEZ emission standards, and this work is not yet complete.

Evidence Required: Confirmation of grant award.
Extension Period: Until expiry of the grant award offer.

Please note that, should the grant award period be extended, evidence of this must be submitted to extend the exemption.

2. An operator has purchased an LEZ compliant vehicle with a delivery date later than 31 May 2024.

Evidence Required: Confirmation of vehicle purchase and delivery date.
Extension Period: Until expected delivery date of replacement vehicle and up to a maximum of 6 months.

Operators who do not meet the above criteria, but who intend to apply for retrofit grant funding, are not eligible to apply for exemption at this time. However, should a grant application be made and awarded, operators may submit an exemption application upon confirmation of grant award.

Please note that operators who have replaced their vehicle with an LEZ compliant taxi or who have a completed retrofit should not apply for extension of the exemption.

Last modified on 05 June 2024

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