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Register for Council Tax e-billing

What is e-billing?

e-billing is a service which allows you to receive and view your Council Tax bills electronically instead of through the post. If you register for e-billing, you will be notified by email whenever you have a new bill and can access it instantly through your self-service account. You can register for e-billing at any time.

What are the benefits?

The benefits and advantages of e-billing are that:

  • You can view your bill whenever you like
  • It's environmentally friendly
  • You can find your bill easily
  • You can keep your bill securely stored

You can change your mind and return to postal billing at any time by updating your Self Service account settings. You can also print a copy of your bill if required.

How do I register?

Registering for e-billing is easy. Just go to our Registration page and complete all details requested. Once you have created your self service account, you can get access to your Council Tax account by quoting your Council Tax reference number and answering a few simple questions.

A short video clip on how to sign into self-service and register for e-billing is shown below:

How do I register for e-billing if I already have a self-service account?

If you are already registered for Council Tax self-service, you are only a few steps away from registering for e-billing. A short video clip on registering is shown below:

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