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Job Evaluation

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The council has committed to implementing a new pay and grading scheme by April 2021.

An employee briefing has now been sent to everyone and provides you with an overview of the first step - how we will evaluate jobs. You can pdf icon read the briefing here [153kb].

The job evaluation methodology the council has chosen is the SJC Job Evaluation Scheme Third Edition. This is the scheme used by the majority of Scottish councils to assess jobs to comply with the Equality Act 2010.

Job evaluation provides the route to creating the evaluated rank order of jobs to laying the foundation for a fair pay and grading scheme. Jobs in the council have to be evaluated so that each job is fairly ranked.  The rank order of jobs will then support the work to design a new pay and grading scheme, which will be a separate project.

Every job will be evaluated but we won't have to interview everyone in the council. The employee briefing explains how we will identify people for interviews to represent the vast amount of jobs the council does. This is just the first phase of interviews to gain an understanding of the most common jobs (benchmark jobs), we'll then move on to evaluate the remaining groups of generic jobs (broadly similar work) and unique jobs (carried out by only one person).

There is a lot to be done within the timescale agreed by the Council's Administration Committee earlier this year and much of this involves your participation in the interview process. If selected, this is your opportunity to get involved and tell the Job Evaluation Team what you do to deliver the services the city relies on every day. All you'll be asked to do is talk about your job and what you do.

This webpage will provide you with information about Job Evaluation so that all employees can access the information at any time, from anywhere and using their own device, if need be. You will still continue to receive information through the council's corporate channels and your line manager.


About the job evaluation scheme

You can read the ACAS guidance to Job Evaluation here and the pdf icon practice manual of the SJC JE Scheme third edition here [731kb] including the definition of the 13 scheme factors.

These are the various questionnaires that will be used for interviews:
pdf icon Full Job Evaluation Questionnaire [1Mb]
pdf icon Job Evaluation Reduced Version Questionnaire [840kb]
pdf icon scheme questionnaire [413kb]

Steps to job evaluation

When evaluating the jobs the following principles will apply:

  • Evaluate jobs notpeople
  • Assume the jobholder is fully competent, do notconsider the individual's performance
  • Evaluate jobs as they are now, notas they were or might be
  • Evaluate job content, not perceptions or desired levels of pay or importance.

The main steps to evaluate all jobs in the council are explained below. 

Step 1 - list all the jobs

Gather information about all jobs in the council from role profiles and service managers then categorise the jobs into groups: benchmark, generic and unique jobs.

Step 2 - gather information

Job holders will be asked to describe what their job involves in an interview with a job analyst. The information will be captured using an electronic questionnaire.

The paper questionnaire will also be used in the interview together with any other supporting evidence the job holder wants to bring.

Step 3 - consistency checking

Job analysts will use all the information gathered about jobs to make sure the job facts are consistent.

A job overview document is created for each job from all the information gathered.

All the same jobs are covered by a single job overview, unless the job is unique which will have its own job overview.

Step 4 - check the facts

Line managers are then asked to check the facts in the job overview documents for the jobs in their area.

The job holders who were interviewed will also be asked again to check the facts in the job overview.

Step 5 - evaluation of jobs to create a rank order

All jobs evaluations are agreed by the Operational Steering Group including representatives from the council family and trade unions.

Jobs are then placed in a rank order according to the overall demands placed on the job holders as determined by the evaluation process. This provides a basis for a fair and orderly grading structure.

Step 6 - Appeals process

Everyone will have the opportunity to appeal their job outcome.


Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions will be published on this page.


Meet the Job Evaluation Team

A Job Evaluation Team has been set up to carry out interviews with staff. You can pdf icon find out who's in the team here [118kb].

The Operational Steering Group

An Operational Steering Group, consisting of Management representatives and Trade Union representatives from every part of the council family, will oversee the process. The employee briefing has been produced by the steering group. Minutes from the steering group will also be published on this page.

You will find the pdf icon OSG Terms of Reference [111kb] here.

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