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Naming Ceremony


Why should I consider a naming ceremony?

A naming ceremony allows you to make a commitment in public to say that you will love and support your child and involve the people who will have a special role in your child's life.

Who can have a naming ceremony?

Naming ceremonies are suitable for naming babies and for children from birth to 15 years of age.

You can also use the ceremony to mark and celebrate adopting a child or the start of a new family with children from previous relationships.

Who will carry out the ceremony?

A local government officer who is experienced in carrying out ceremonies will carry out the naming ceremony.

What does a naming ceremony involve?

  • a welcome and introduction;
  • naming the child;
  • you may want to say a bit about what you (as a parent) agree and promise to do;
  • a relative or friend of the family may want to say a bit about what they would agree and promise to do;
  • you may want to read a poem, reading or a special piece of text;
  • you might want to give a gift to your child;
  • signing the commemorative naming ceremony certificate.


What if the child has changed their name?

You may not use a naming ceremony to change your child's name. If your child's name is not how it appears on their birth certificate you should apply to change their name officially before you can have a naming ceremony.

For more information on this please visit NRS - Change of name.

How do I book a naming ceremony?

You can book the ceremony if you are the parent or guardian of the child or you are legally responsible for looking after the child.

If you are the child's parents, you do not need to be married.

Naming ceremonies are not just for babies. You may want to include your older children in the ceremony as well as your new child.

Please email to make a booking or to check availability. Alternatively you can phone the Registrar's office on 0141 287 7654. The line is open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Where will the naming ceremony take place?

You can have a naming ceremony in our ceremony rooms in Glasgow or at any other venue within our district that has been agreed for ceremony use.  

How much does it cost?

You must pay for your naming ceremony when you book it. The fee is non-refundable. The cost of a naming ceremony depends on the day, time and location you want to have the ceremony.

For more information on fees please email us.

Important information

  • a naming ceremony is not a religious ceremony. You should contact your local church if you want to have a religious service;
  • naming ceremonies have no legal status;
  • you can only book a naming ceremony if you are the parent or legal guardian of the child;
  • you must show us the child's birth certificate before the ceremony can take place;
  • there are separate legal procedures to change your child's name. Please discuss these with the local registrar.


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Last modified on 07 May 2024

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