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Pavement Parking Prohibitions


The Scottish Government has given Local authorities the power to enforce against the following road offences:

  • parking on pavements
  • double parking
  • parking at dropped kerb crossing points

Based on regulations published by the Scottish Government in December 2023, we are currently updating our back-office systems which will allow us to enforce these offences as soon as possible.

For more information on what these new prohibitions mean, please check out our Pavement Parking Prohibitions FAQs.

Pavement Parking Prohibitions Assessment Update (May 2024)

We have begun our assessment of the impact of these prohibitions on roads within Glasgow.

Our stage 1 desktop exercise is now complete. The results of this can be viewed on our interactive map.

This desktop exercise has identified roads, highlighted in magenta on the interactive map, where exemptions would not be considered because:

  • the areas where these roads are located are already controlled by parking restrictions or,
  • the roads are at least 7.5 metres wide, which allows safe passage of a fire engine when cars are parked on both sides of the road.

This means that the roads highlighted in green on the interactive map require further assessment, which is now being programmed and is likely to take a significant number of months to complete.  The results of this will be updated on the interactive map and available to view on this webpage.

Last modified on 31 May 2024

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