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Planning Applications

Advice and guidance on planning processes, making a planning application, appeals, decisions, view applications, adverts, weekly lists and FAQs.

Planning Permission

Advice and guidance on Planning Permission, Prior Notification and Prior Approval for householder, non householder, major, national or local applications.

Make a Planning Application

Advice and guidance on how to apply for Planning permission for householder, non householder, planning process agreements and more.

Planning Process

Advice on Planning Process outlining the procedures involved when considering planning applications.

Planning Processing Agreements

Advice and guidance on planning processing agreements and how to apply.

Applications, Appeals and Decisions

View Planning Applications and Documents, Appeals, Local Reviews and Enforcement information on the Online Planning Portal.

Comment on Planning Applications

Advice and guidance on how to make comments on planning applications.

Appeal a Decision

Advice and guidance on how to Appeal a Decision for an application which has been refused or granted.

View List of Planning Applications

View the list of Weekly Planning Applications, Extant List and Planning Advert.

Use Class of a Property

Advice and guidance about the the different Use Classes of properties.

Planning FAQs

Advice and guidance on frequently asked questions regarding planning issues.

Copyright and Data Protection

Information about our Terms and Conditions, Copyright and Data Protection and Fair Processing Notice.

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