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Statutory List of Public Roads

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The Statutory List of Public Roads is a register of all adoptions for public roads, footways and footpaths within the Glasgow City boundary. Each entry consists of the name of the road, usually a description of the area maintained and the date of the adoption.

Users should be aware that the description given within this transcript of the register was created at the time the entry was made and since then there may have been alterations to the road, footway or footpath layout which may not be included in the original adoption. Descriptions will have been based on the mapping/plans available at the time of adoption.

Note: The council may have changed the original road name. Footways, verges and/or service strips adjacent to the road are adopted with the road unless excluded in the description.

How can I view this information?

Online in our related documents area on this page or in person, members of the public can view the document at the address below:

Glasgow City Council
Neighbourhoods, Regeneration and Sustainability
727 London Road
G40 3AQ


The register is provided for public information but the copyright remains with Glasgow City Council and no commercial use is to be made of the information without our consent. The register will be updated on a quarterly basis.

Last modified on 01 May 2024

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