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Roadworks Control

Phone 0141 276 7000

We, as the local Roads Authority, have a statutory duty to co-ordinate all works on the public road network.  We must use our best endeavours to ensure that works are carried out safely, with the minimum of inconvenience to road users, and that the structure of the road is protected.

This duty is overseen by the Scottish Road Works Commissioner, who is appointed by the Scottish Government. The Commissioner is the Keeper of the Scottish Road Works Register, which lists all road works in Scotland. This can be viewed using the link on the right hand side of this page. The road works that are listed on this site are the programmed and emergency works undertaken by, or on behalf of utility companies, construction companies and us.

We rarely excavate the road. We repair it or replace the surface. The utility companies such as gas, water or electricity are usually responsible for digging holes in the road. Legally the utility should display a sign at these works indicating who they are and what their 24 hour contact telephone number is. In the case of such works you should contact the utility company directly.

Who maintains the motorways?

Transport Scotland maintain the M8, M80, M73, M74 and M77 motorways for the Scottish Government.

How do I find out about current road works on motorways and trunk roads?

View current road works on motorways and trunk roads by visiting the Traffic Scotland website.

How do I report a fault on the motorway?

To report a fault, call 0800 0281414.

Utility companies contact details

  • Scottish Water - 0845 601 8855
  • Scotland Gas Networks - 0800 111 999
  • BT Openreach - 0800 023 2023
  • Scottish Power - 0800 092 9290
  • Virgin Media - 0330 330 444
  • Vodafone - 0145 466 2881


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Last modified on 06 October 2023

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