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Trees and Planning


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Glasgow's trees are one of the City's major assets, a vital component of its urban landscape. They add colour and interest to the townscape, provide a sense of scale, soften the visual impact of the built environment, and contribute greatly to the city's character and amenity. 

They are a valuable wildlife habitat and benefit the environment by filtering dust, wind and noise, absorbing and diffusing heavy rainfall, contributing to urban 'cooling' and by helping to recycle harmful 'greenhouse' gases.

Trees in Conservation Areas

Advice and guidance for trees in conservation area.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

Advise and guidance about TPOs and information on confirmed and served TPOs.

Report Unauthorised Works

Advice and guidance on how to report planning breaches and unauthorised tree works.

High Hedges

Advice and guidance on High Hedges and how to submit an application for works to be carried out.

Public and External Agency Links

Useful Links to Public Sector and External Agencies.

Open Space Strategy

Information about the adopted Open Space Strategy and the Monitoring of Open Space and Public Realm Projects.

Forestry and Woodland Strategy

Information about the Draft Forestry and Woodland Strategy which directs tree planting to the most appropriate locations.

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