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Kerbside Recycling Service Change

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February 2024 Update

Having declared a climate emergency in May 2019, Glasgow city is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030 and become a zero-waste city. We can help achieve these goals by recycling more of our waste - this helps to reduce carbon emissions as it takes less energy to make recycled products than using raw materials. To align with the Code of Practice (COP) that supports the Charter for Household Recycling, make it easier for people to recycle at home, and improve the quality of recycling we collect, we are changing the kerbside recycling service.

What's changing?

We are providing a new grey bin for plastics, metals, cartons, soft plastics and film. As well as plastic bottles, this bin can now be used to recycle other types of plastic including yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, food trays, soft plastics and film, e.g. plastic wrapping, carrier bags, film lids. Food tins, drinks cans and cartons can also be recycled in this bin.

We are changing what can be recycled in the blue bin to paper, card and cardboard only.

When will the new service begin?

We are introducing these changes in a phased approach, beginning in the Knightswood area in the north-west of the city in March 2024.

This first phase will see the improved service provided to approximately 5,500 properties along four routes in Ward 13 (Garscadden/Scotstounhill).

The new service will then be introduced to the remainder of the north-west area by Summer 2024 before being rolled out to the rest of the city during 2024-25. Further information will be provided on a regular basis.

New bin delivery dates

NW Delivery Dates

*November 2024 - March 2026 to November 2024 to March 2025

How will residents be informed?

In advance of receiving the new grey bin, residents will be sent a letter explaining when the bin will be delivered and what can be recycled in it. Prior to the first collection of this new bin, residents will receive further information - including a leaflet and collection calendar - which will explain:

  • How to use the improved waste and recycling service, particularly the changes to the blue bin and new grey bin.
  • What can and cannot be recycled in each bin.
  • When each bin should be put out for collection.

The leaflet will also contain information about the new contamination policy and one green bin policy.

Residents will also receive stickers for their blue bin (to reinforce that this bin should now only be used to recycle paper, card and cardboard) and green bin as part of the one green bin policy.

Press releases and a digital campaign including the use of social media and the council's website will also be used to publicise the changes to the recycling service.

We will also be holding drop-in events at local community venues to share further information about these changes.

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