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Renewal of Vows Ceremony


What is it?

Renewal ceremonies are an opportunity for couples to make a public commitment to each other.

Why should I consider a renewal of vows ceremony?

A renewal ceremony gives you and your husband or wife or partner the opportunity to renew your marriage or civil partnership vows and to share the occasion with your family and friends.

Who can have a renewal ceremony?

A renewal ceremony is suitable for anyone no matter how old you are and how long you have been married or in a registered civil partnership. You do not need to have the ceremony in the area where you live or the area where you got married or had your civil partnership.

Who will carry out the ceremony?

A local government officer who is experienced in carrying out ceremonies will carry out the renewal of vows ceremony.

What does a renewal of vows ceremony involve?

  • a welcome and introduction;
  • you and your husband/wife or partner will renew your vows;
  • you may want to include a personal statement about each other;
  • a relative or family friend may want to say a few words about your relationship
  •  you can exchange rings;
  • you can invite special guests;
  • you can include poems or readings;
  • you will sign a commemorative certificate to say you have renewed your vows.


How do I book the renewal of vows ceremony?

You or your husband/wife or partner can book the ceremony. However, you must both agree to be willing to take part in the ceremony.

Please email to make a booking or to check availability. Alternatively you can phone the Registrar's office on 0141 287 7654. The line is open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Where will the renewal of vows ceremony take place?

You can have a renewal of vows ceremony in our ceremony rooms in Glasgow or at any other venue within our district that has been agreed for ceremony use.

How much does it cost?

You must pay for your renewal of vows ceremony when you book it. The fee is non-refundable. The cost of a renewal ceremony depends on the day, time and location you want to have the ceremony.

For more information on fees please email us at mar&

Important Information

  • The renewal of vows ceremony and the documents you receive do not have any legal status.
  • Renewal ceremonies are civil services, not religious services. You should contact your local Minister or other celebrant if you want to have a religious service.
  • You will need to show us your marriage/civil partenership certificate before you can book the ceremony. We will need to see a certified translation of your marriage/civil partenership certificate if it is not in English.


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Last modified on 07 May 2024

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