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Glasgow City Council

Area Partnership Budgets

To assist the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership's Area Partnerships in their role they are each allocated an area budget. These budgets are mainly used to provide grants to local community and voluntary organisations to provide services that will help to achieve the Area Partnership's local priorities and Glasgow City Council's objectives. Area Partnerships can also provide financial support to Council services and partner organisations but only if the application demonstrates a fit with local priorities; the involvement of local communities and additionality to core remits.

Funding Applications

Applications for funding should be developed locally to meet identified needs and they should demonstrate how they will benefit an area/community within the Partnership's boundary. The application should clearly link to one of more of the Area Partnerships' Investment Priorities (link). If it doesn't, the application will need to provide evidence that there is "strong case for consideration" (paragraph C1, link). Area budget funding can be available for 'citywide' applications but only where the application meets the eligibility criteria for each of the Area Partnerships across the city.

You are advised to read the relevant guidance note (link) before requesting and/or submitting your application to ensure that the application is eligible, as there are other eligibility criteria relating to area budget funding (e.g. what the area budget can't fund; minimum and maximum levels of funding). If you are still unclear as to the application's eligibility or have any other questions relating to the application process, please contact the relevant Partnership and Development Team Office. The contact details are provided in the guidance notes.

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