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Does Your Vehicle Comply with Glasgow's LEZ?

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Glasgow's LEZ was phased in to give everyone time to prepare:

  • Phase 1 (buses only) was introduced on 31 December 2018
  • Phase 2 (all vehicles) came into force on 1 June 2023
  • Enforcement for vehicles registered to a residential property within the zone area began on 1 June 2024, following the expiry of a one-year grace period.

Motorcycles and mopeds are unaffected by LEZ schemes in Scotland.

You can see if your vehicle meets LEZ emission standards by using Transport Scotland's vehicle registration checker (opens new window)

LEZ Emission Standards

The emission standards for LEZs in Scotland are:

• Euro 4 for petrol vehicles
• Euro 6 for diesel vehicles
• Euro IV for heavy duty petrol vehicles such as buses/coaches and HGVs
• Euro VI  for heavy duty diesel vehicles such as buses/coaches and HGVs

Vehicles which have been appropriately modified or retrofitted to meet or exceed these emission standards will also be permitted entry to LEZs in Scotland.

For practical purposes, it is generally the case that diesel engine vehicles registered after September 2015, and petrol vehicles registered from 2006 onwards will meet the required LEZ standards.

You can see if your vehicle meets LEZ emission standards by using Transport Scotland's vehicle registration checker (opens new window)

National LEZ Exemptions

Motorcycles and mopeds are unaffected by LEZ schemes in Scotland.

There are also some vehicle categories which are nationally exempt from LEZ requirements:

1. Vehicles for disabled persons:

There are several exemptions which cover vehicles being used for the purposes of disabled persons, as outlined in the following circumstances:

  • A vehicle registered with a 'disabled' or 'disabled passenger vehicles' tax class.
  • A vehicle receiving a reduction in annual rate of vehicle excise duty because the vehicle is being used by a disabled person in receipt of personal independence payment at the standard rate.
  • Blue Badge holders

If the vehicle receives a disabled vehicle/disabled passenger vehicle tax class exemption - please email to register for an exemption.

The Blue Badge holder exemption covers:

  • A vehicle being driven by any person who is in receipt of a blue badge.
  • A passenger in the vehicle who has been issued with a blue badge.
  • A vehicle is being driven with a blue badge which has been issued to an organisation.

If you are eligible for a Blue Badge holder exemption, you will need to register on or before the day of travelling. You can register your details on Transport Scotland's LEZ exemption system.

2. Emergency Vehicles:

The vehicle is being driven by any person who is:

  • undertaking their duty as a constable
  • providing a response to an emergency at the request of the Scottish Ambulance Service Board
  • exercising the functions of the Scottish Ambulance Service Board, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Her Majesty's Coastguard or the National Crime Agency

3. Naval, Military or Air Force Vehicles:

  • vehicles being used for naval, military or air force purposes

4. Historic Vehicles:

Vehicles of 'historical interest' means a vehicle which is considered to be of historical interest to the UK, and which -

  • was manufactured, or registered, for the first time at least 30 years previously,
  • is of a type no longer in production, and
  • has been historically preserved or maintained in its original state and has not undergone substantial changes in the technical characteristics of its main components.

If your vehicle meets the above criteria, you do not need to register for an exemption.

5. Showman's Vehicles:

Vehicles described as either "showman's goods vehicle" or "showman's vehicle" according to section 62(1) of the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994.

Note: these are highly specialised vehicles used for the purposes of travelling showmen, where the vehicle is used during the performance, used for the purpose of providing the performance or used for carrying performance equipment.

If your vehicle meets the above criteria for a Showman's vehicle please email to register for an exemption.


Time-Limited (Temporary) Exemptions

Glasgow's LEZ scheme will allow for applications for a time-limited (temporary) exemption under circumstances where entry of a non-compliant vehicle is required for a specific, defined purpose not considered in legislation or regulations.

Please note that private vehicles will not be considered for time-limited exemptions.

Applications will be determined on their individual merits. Examples of this may be but are not limited to:

  • abnormal loads or machinery transport
  • historic vehicles or vehicles of particular speciality not covered by other exemptions and used for a specific purpose
  • any other non-compliant vehicle use deemed appropriate on application to the council

Applications for time-limited exemptions will not normally be considered for the routine transport of people or goods or for routine commercial operations. However, the council may apply a time-limited exemption, by reference to the vehicle's use, upon consideration of an application.

It is expected that any exemptions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Time-limited exemptions can be granted for up to a year and may be subject to conditions or restrictions as deemed appropriate by the council.

The application form is available by clicking on this link.

Public Hire Taxi Operators:

There is a separate application process for public hire taxi operators who require an extension to an existing time-limited exemption. The online application form can be accessed by clicking on this link

Last modified on 03 June 2024

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