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Greater Pollok Local Development Framework

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The City Development Plan has proposed three Local Development Frameworks (LDF) to deliver planning change in three communities of the city where an additional layer of planning guidance would be helpful.

Community Engagement

The Greater Pollok Local Development Framework (LDF) will provide a structure for future development in the Greater Pollok. It will include guidance on developments for transport infrastructure, roads, pavements, public spaces, parks and play areas, housing, shops, business areas, and community facilities.

The Council want the people of Greater Pollok to decide what goes into the LDF and any proposals that might emerge from it.

Take Part in the Survey

The survey information you provide will help us find out more about the issues and priorities that matter most to the people and stakeholders who live and work in Greater Pollok.

If you wish to take part, please read our Draft Greater Pollok LDF then complete our Survey and share your thoughts on specific spaces/sites/locations in the area. 

Please Note: Closing date for responses is Monday, 5 February 2024 till 5 pm.

What happens next?  

Having gathered your initial thoughts on issues and opportunities that affect the area, the Council has now prepared a Draft LDF document and welcome your views on this.  

Once we have gathered these the Council will then prepare a finalised document which will be submitted to the Scottish Government as a 'formal planning strategy for the area.'


    Consultation commences on the 21 November 2021, if you wish to take part please complete the Survey.  Please note the consultation closes on Monday, 5 February 2025 at 5 pm.


    The Greater Pollok LDF Consultation will run from 21 November 2023 till 5.00pm on 5 February 2024.  Please tell us what you think.

    Background Research 

    Previous survey information you provided helped the Council develop the LDF.  

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