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Making an Objection

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Making an Objection or Representation to an application for a licence issued under the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982

The following Licences are issued under the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982:-

  • Taxi and Taxi Driver
  • Private Hire Car and Driver
  • Taxi and Private Hire Car Booking Offices (P)
  • Late Hours Catering (P)
  • Second Hand Dealer (P)
  • Metal Dealer (P) and Itinerant Metal Dealer
  • Street Trader
  • Window Cleaner
  • Market Operator (P)
  • Public Entertainment (P)
  • Indoor Sports Entertainment (P)
  • Skin Piercing and Tattoo (P)
  • Sex Shops (P)
  • Sexual Entertainment Venue
  • Short Term Lets
  • Knife Dealer (P)

Licence types marked (P) relate to licences where the licensable activity consists of or includes the use of premises. The term premises includes vehicles, vessels and public places such as parks.

When can I make an Objection or Representation?

A 28 day consultation period begins from the date an application for grant or renewal of a Licence is lodged with the Council. During the consultation period anyone can make an objection or representation for or against the application.

Where an application for grant or renewal relates to premises, a public notice will be displayed by the applicant at the premises on the day the application is lodged providing details of the application and the last date for making any objection or representation.


What is the deadline for submitting an Objection or Representation?

Your objection or representation should be received by the Council on or before the last day of the 28 day consultation period to ensure that it is taken into account when determining the application.

If your objection or representation is received after the consultation period it will be treated as "late". This means that it may still be taken into account but you will have to explain the reason why the objection or representation was not submitted in time.

It will be for the Council's Licensing and Regulatory Committee to determine whether they are satisfied that there was good reason why your comments were submitted late.

How do I submit my Objection or Representation?

Your objection or representation must:-

  • be in writing;
  • be signed by you and set out your name and address;
  • clearly specify the nature of the representation; and
  • state the address of the premises or reference number for the application.

Anonymous objections or representations will not be considered.

You can email your objection or representation to .

On 14 June 2017 the Licensing Authority determined that any objection or representation submitted in accordance with schedule 1 or schedule 2 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 can be submitted by electronic means where it: (a) is submitted in a format which can be accessed by the Licensing Authority; (b) is legible in all material respects; (c) is capable of being read and reproduced in a written form which can be used for subsequent reference; and (d) is submitted to licensingenquiries@glasgow,

Alternatively, your objection or representation can be posted or hand delivered to:-

Glasgow City Council
Licensing Section
City Chambers
Glasgow G2 1DU

Your objection or representation cannot be treated confidentially. A copy will be provided to the applicant; it will include your name and address but other personal information such as your phone number or email address will be removed.

What happens if I make an Objection or Representation?

We will send you an acknowledgement letter confirming receipt and a copy will be sent to the applicant and their agent.

Once the application has been allocated to a meeting of the Licensing and Regulatory Committee we will send you a citation letter inviting you to attend the meeting to speak to your representation. You will receive this letter at least 14 days prior to the hearing.

At the hearing you will be provided with an opportunity to speak to your representation and the applicant will be provided with an opportunity to respond. You are only able to speak to matters referred to in your written representation.

Your citation letter will provide further information on the arrangements for the Committee meeting.

You do not require to attend the hearing but it does provide an opportunity for you to address the Committee if they have any queries regarding your representation.

If you are unable to attend the Committee meeting you can give written consent for someone else to attend and speak on your behalf. Your citation letter will provide details on how to provide consent.

Can I make an objection or representation to an application for a temporary Licence?

The terms of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 do not allow any person to make an objection or representation to an application for a temporary Licence. 

When an application for temporary Licence relates to premises, the Licensing Authority will seek comments for Local Councillors and the Community Council.  If you have concerns regarding an application for Temporary Licence, you may wish to contact either your Local Councillors or Community Council.

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Last modified on 25 March 2024

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