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Non Domestic Rates Recovery

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If you receive a Final Notice or a reminder over the coming weeks, please read the information below. 

Why have I received a notice for overdue Non Domestic Rates?

Prior to 1 April 2021 the Council would normally have issued a Final Notice for unpaid rates advising you have lost the right to pay by instalments.  You may now receive this notice for arrears years due prior to 1 April 2021 where a balance still remains unpaid. 

For rates due after 1 April 2021, a change to rating legislation means that you may now receive a reminder within 7 days if payment has not been received in line with your most recently issued bill. 

If you have not agreed alternate arrangements with us to pay your overdue non domestic rates and/or have not made a payment you may now receive either one of these notices as detailed above.

How do I pay?

To make a payment you will need to know your reference number. It will be a number that starts with a 9, this can be found on your Final Notice, reminder, bill or letter from us about non domestic rates.  You can also find details about payment instalments on your bill, or alternatively log in to our Self Service Portal (opens new window) for more information.

To pay your Final Notice, or overdue amount in terms of a reminder, you can make a payment using our online payment facility (opens new window).

You can make a payment through BACS by quoting our bank details:
Bank Sort Code: 83-44-00 
Bank Account Number: 00223217
Please ensure that you also quote your Non Domestic Rates reference number.

To pay by debit or credit card, using our automated payment line (available 24 hours, 7 days a week including public holidays) phone us on 0141 287 0300.

If you cannot pay the amount requested on your Final Notice or overdue amount requested on your reminder notice please see further information below.

I would like to notify of a change in circumstances or apply for rates relief, including retail, hospitality and leisure relief

Rates relief may be available for different circumstances or criteria. The retail, hospitality and leisure relief scheme continues to be available to eligible businesses during 2021/22 however you must make an application.  For more information on eligibility or to apply, please visit the application form. If you wish to notify us of a change of address please visit our page for reporting a change of occupancy or ownership.  Please note that payment must not be withheld pending the outcome of an application or change.

I require a copy bill to make payment

The quickest way to obtain a copy bill is to access your rates account online.  If you have not registered before you can find more information on how to do this on our self-service registration page, where you can also sign up for e-billing of future bills.

If you are unable to register or access your account then please contact us via our online enquiry form and select "Copy bill request".

I believe I have paid the overdue amount being requested

If you have paid the amount required in the last few days you can disregard the notice you have received.  If you believe you have paid the amount prior to that then please contact us via our online enquiry form and select "Missing Payment/Confirm a Payment received".  You will asked to supply specific details relating to when and how the payment has been made and also may need to upload a remittance.

I would like to make a payment arrangement

Please contact us via our online enquiry form and select "Request a payment arrangement".  A member of the team will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss your account when your enquiry is received. 

We are experiencing high volumes of enquiries at the moment and if you receive an auto-response it means we will have received your enquiry and it will be processed, please do not send duplicate requests.


What happens next?

If you are not able pay the amount requested on your Final Notice, or bring your instalments up to date in line with your reminder within the requested time or make a payment arrangement the Council will obtain a Summary Warrant that includes a 10% penalty for non-payment and your account will be passed to our Debt Management Partner, Scott & Company for collection.  In the meantime, please continue to pay what you can afford to reduce your outstanding balance. To find out more information, please see our Non Domestic Rates recovery page. 


Last modified on 12 October 2023

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